Not working on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I’m not able to install it at this point.
Error below.
If anyone has successfully installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS please provide some hints,

This is what I get when I try installing.

$ sudo apt install ./local-5.9.0-linux.deb 
Reading package lists... Error!
E: read, still have 8 to read but none left
E: Internal error, could not locate member control.tar.{zstlz4gzxzbz2lzma}
E: Could not read meta data from /home/mike/Downloads/local-5.9.0-linux.deb
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

I can install the beta package and when I go to add my first local site I get the following and am not able to proceed.

Same Problem

I found my problem was specifically with NORDVPN. That software running makes it impossible to run a development environment. No port forwarding available to work around it. Uninstalling the NORVPN software fixed the issue.
If you are not running NORDVPN perhaps it’s a different VPN causing the issue.

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