Npx create-local-addon unable to resolve dependency tree

As the title states, I’m getting the following error when running npx create-local-addon. Looks like I’m having issues with an upstream version of eslint? How should I go about resolving this? Thanks!

I just tried the npx create-local-addon and was able to create an addon “Test Addon.”

One thing to note, it looks like it only worked for me on the Node v14.x line, 16 and 18 didn’t work.

What version of Node is on your system and do you get a different outcome when switching to v14.x?

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Ah, good catch!
node --version returned v20.5.1
so I ran nvm install 14
and now npx create-local-addon and it’s just returning a few warnings, but no flat-out errors. Looking good now. Thanks for the help!


Hello @mataro -

Thanks for letting us know what worked for you!

Happy building,


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