One-click Admin and WP Version not working with Bedrock configuration

Issue Summary

I often use a Bedrock configuration for my WordPress projects, which works fine for the most part but there are always issues with the One-Click Admin login feature as well as the WordPress Version indicator displayed on the “Overview” tab.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the One-click Admin feature reads “Disable” and the WordPress Version indicator just displays a loading animation that loops indefinitely.


  1. Setup a new Local WP project.
  2. Install Bedrock in your root project folder using their standard install process (Bedrock | Modern WordPress Boilerplate | Roots).
  3. Move the contents of the bedrock folder to the Local /app folder (at this point, you can delete everything in the /public folder if you want).
  4. Setting up your .env file and run composer install.
  5. Modify your conf/ngnix/site.conf.hbs file so that the server root has the absolute path to your web folder like this:
    root "/Users/username/Local Sites/ProjectName/app/web/";
  6. Restart the site and observe the issue with One-click Admin and the WordPress Version indicator.

System Details

Local Version: 6.0.0+5444
OS: macOS Big Sur v11.4

A bedrock configured WordPress site isn’t something that Local officially supports, so these features aren’t ever tested by the Local team wiithin a Bedrock site.

Is there a particular reason for not using a more traditional WordPress site setup within Local? I find that if I’m ever working on a Bedrock site, it’s just easier to use Trellis. For all other WP projects, sticking with the wp-content folder and Local is way easier and less time spent fiddling with config files and provisioning.

I hear you—the dev team where I work prefers using Bedrock, so I’m kinda stuck with it (but I refuse to stop using Local because I like it so much). I was just curious if the fix could be as simple as changing a setting somewhere in the config.

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