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Bedrock/Roots Native compatibility

It would be nice to see some native support for Bedrock/Roots ( Bedrock | Modern WordPress Boilerplate | Roots )
Local has Composer support natively so its half way there!

there is a guide on how to install bedrock with local here Bedrock with Local | Bedrock Docs | Roots
However, this does come with some drawbacks. the overview and database tabs for the site do not load information as they are expecting to see “wp-config” in public.

I believe a quick fix to making bedrock work with local would be the ability to easily set where the root path is for the wordpress install.

Also a statement to check either a “.env” or wp-config for the defines.
If this is not something that localwp would consider implementing is it possible to create a plugin that has effect on the preset root path and logic of how it gets this information for the ( the overview and database tabs )

I managed to build my own add-on that gives me what i need.
however its only half the issue, it would be nice to have the ability to update the following

function name: updateSite


this is useful, but. it would be more useful if we had the following

1: root
2: version.php ( dir )
3: wp-config.php ( dir )

Also in the case someone is using bedrock, it would be nice to implement another function that allows us to update the info used from wp-config. as bedrock uses a .env format.

I would be happy to help develop this solution into localwp and or create it as a standalone add-on if these options can be added.

Hi @Mitchell

We’ve seen a fair amount of interest in Bedrock + Local around the forums, and we already have a feature request if you’d like to comment and upvote:

I can also merge your request into that one if you’d be okay with that.

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