Configure PHPStorm & IntelliJ IDEs doesn't work

I’ve just installed Local for the first time. It is v3.0.4. I’ve created a local site, which worked correctly. When I press the Configure PHPStorm & IntelliJ IDEs button I get the “IntelliJ IDEs have been configured for xDebug” message but the Local Sites\testing-setup\app\public folder doesn’t contain the hidden .idea folder. This only gets created when project is created in PHPStorm and then it doesn’t contain the local-by-flywheel.xml file so xDebug doesn’t work with my site. Any idea how I can get this to work?

Here are some other important notes:

  • Make sure Xdebug add-on is enabled under Preferences » Add-ons
  • Use the site’s app/public folder as the project root for the PhpStorm project