One of my Local sites has gone berserk

I’m trying to wrap up my new website on Local, and a few days ago I ran into trouble.

All of my other local sites are working fine, but this one suddenly wouldn’t open in Firefox because it didn’t like my SSL certificate.

So I opened it in Opera, and that worked. At least the home page worked. But all of my navigation links opened up a generic “Example Domain” page. It was the same story trying to open up the Dashboard.

I started to write a support ticket, but noticed that there was an update to Local, so I downloaded it and tried that.

When I restarted the updated version of Local, the site in question wouldn’t start at all. I just got the spinning wheel for a half hour, so I stopped it and tried to start it again. Now it won’t even try, and I get the error I’ve attached below.

Any clues? I’m designer, not a developer, so… help!!



So sorry for the hiccup!

It looks like the screenshot didn’t fully upload. Can you attempt to upload it again?

Regarding SSL/HTTPS not working in Firefox, please see FireFox 57 (Quantum) Not recognizing SSL.

Dang! Here you go!


Is this Local 2.3.0 or Local 2.3.1? You can check by going to Local by Flywheel » About Local in the top menu.

Looks familiar.

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