One site seems to be suddenly broken - error 500 - Any way to get back in?

Hi, I have 10 sites in dev on local - one of them is suddenly not accessible - getting an Error 500 whether I try to login Admin or View the Site. I suspect it was a plugin that broke it but not so sure because I removed the plugin folder and it still goes 500. Sites are setup on Preferred environment in latest 3.0.4 on Windows 10. Using google chrome.

Any hacks to get into the admin?

Right-click the site in Local and then click “Open Site SSH”. This will open a terminal window that you can use to disable the plugin.

Start with this,

cd /app/public/wp-content/plugins

Then do a


This will show you all of the directories for the plugins you have. Find the plugin you believe is causing the issue and note the name of the directory. For instance, “woocommerce-special-plugin”.

Now, issue the following command (but replace woocommerce-special-plugin with your plugin directory name),

mv woocommerce-special-plugin woocommerce-special-plugin-bak

This should rename you plugin directory to woocommerce-special-plugin-bak and thus all your WP install to work properly.

If you don’t need the plugin any longer and wish to delete, you can use this command (replace your plugin name),

rm woocommerce-special-plugin-bak

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Hi drew, thanks for the reply.
Not sure why I need to use SSH for this… I can directly delete the plugin from the folder in Windows… but even having done so, I still cannot view the site or log in to it. 500 error both ways…

Looks like the MainWP child plugin is causing the issue. If I change the folder name, I lose the 500 error and I instead get a parse error in the core_functions.php

I am a remote guy most of the time, so I like working in SSH. :slight_smile:

What is the exact error you are getting without the plugin directory removed\renamed? You do have debug enabled in wp-config.php, right?

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

I may have found the culprit… stand by for a new thread. Everyone should know of this.