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Open site with localhost

I used to open the site with sitename.local
I need to open it with the IP address of local device somthing like that
http://localhost/sitename or
I can’t find what is the equivalent to that url sitename.local

Hey @fatma – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local has a feature called “Router Mode” which allows you to choose between using localhost or a human readable site-domain (something like example.local) to access the WordPress site. You can change this setting by navigating to the “Preferences > Advanced > Router Mode” page.

For more info, see this help doc:

thanks for your reply
I am new on wordpress can you tell me how to find this path on the site “Preferences > Advanced > Router Mode”

No problem! Router Mode isn’t a WordPress feature, it’s something that’s provided by Local, so you access it from Local’s preferences. Here’s how to get there from within MacOS, but the process is similar for other operating systems:

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Thanks for your reply that solved my problem

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