Hello everyone,

I am a beginner with LOCAL by Flywheel and I would like to use it to learn WordPress.

I am currently using:
macOS Monterey
version 12.1
MacBook Pro 2021

When I view my test website on a browser, I get this as a URL:

What does the number 10008 mean in this case?

I’m wondering why the URL is not like this: sitename.local

In LOCAL / Site Overview is written like this:
SSL Note! HTTPS is not available when using the localhost Routing mode.
What does that mean?

I would be happy of any help :blush:

Thank you very much!

Pirita Olasvirta

PS. local-logs.zip attached
local-logs.zip (3.6 KB)

Hi @NeitiHkiMpl !

Can you go to the Preferences>>Advanced, and you should see the option for “Router Mode”.

Make sure Router Mode is set to “Site Domains” and not localhost:

Then click Apply.

Hope that helps… If you’re still having this issue :sweat_smile:.


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