Photos are not available

When 'uses the Live Link link to see the site preview The photos do not appear

Hi @davidmto - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

May I ask, are you using a page builder like Elementor or Divi?

Sometimes there are issues with images and the way things display generally over Live Links with Elementor and other similar builders.

There are some suggestions in this thread I would recommend trying:

Let me know if anything in there helps, we’ll get this figured out!


Thank you
Yes I use DIVI
Comment I can do to see the images
and above all that my customer can also see the photos

Hi @davidmto! Are you still having trouble with images or were you able to get them working?

No I still have display problems
The photos are not displayed!

With the Live Link link to see the site remotely for my client
There is no photos!

I use the latest version of Divi

Thank you

Hi again!

If Live Links still isn’t working for you, then as another workaround in order to share your site you could create a free Demo Site at Flywheel and push your Local site to it. Then you’ll be able to share that demo with your client.

Demo sites on Flywheel

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