PHP mail from local?


I am designing a contact form in WP. The site is local only for now, no host. The form is designed to sent a notification by email. Having set up everything, I get to the contact form, fill it in and press submit. All seems to work fine. But I never get the notification email.

Is this likely to be because php mail, which I supposed is the default, does not work on Local?

Also, as I have had several unanswered messages, I want to dig them up on this forum and see if I missed something. How to I display just messages posted by me please?

Thank you for your help


Mail needs a valid email server or SMTP validation to send mail from an IP to any service and be accepted.

Mail sent from Wordpress in Local falls on it’s own mail catcher as said below:

To access it you go to “Utilities” and open it

Also, you can try to use a SMTP plugin such as the one said below:


Ah, I get it. I guess the easiest thing to do is to wait until the site is online to test if the mail notifications function properly, but to check MailHog in the meantime

Thank you very much, once again, for answering my question.

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Hello, excuse my mediocre English.
When you’re online, everything will work fine.
In local, you have to go to utilities and open mailhog.
Here you can see the incoming emails and, if you have activated the automatic answer in cf7, you will see that too.

Hi everyone!

I ran into this issue myself so I decided to write a quick plugin that saves emails as HTML files in the root directory.

Might be helpful for you as well.


Now I can happily sit and wait for the SMTP credentials. HUUUGE weight off my mind.