Testing Email Notifications While In Local Environment


I am trying to test email notifications (from GravityForms and also using the test function in WP Mail SMTP via Mailgun). I am not receiving any emails. I’m trying to figure out if that’s because my domain settings don’t match my email settings since i’m in the Local environment.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. I just want to make sure I know the site is setup properly before launch and since the email notifications aren’t working, I can’t figure out how to test that aspect of the site.

Thanks all!

Edit: I’m very happy to send screenshots of anything you need in order to give me feedback about this. I couldn’t find anything else anywhere in the forums about this topic, which makes me think maybe i’m an idiot. But if you can help this idiot, i would be forever thankful.

Please all, any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated. I have not been able to get helpful feedback from anywhere else and I do not know what to test next.

Hi Christopher,

I’m very sorry for the trouble!

Which WP Mail SMTP plugin are you using? I’m seeing two. One by WPForms and one by Mail Bank.

I just tested sending email with SMTP using the Mail Bank plugin through MailGun and it worked fine.

Are you seeing any errors?