PhpStorm Xdebug troubles since 5.7.5

Since updating to 5.7.5 on Linux, the debugger in PhpStorm halts on the newly added local-bootstrap.php (which only contains the line ‘define( ‘WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE’, ‘local’ );’). This might have to do with the file sitting outside the project scope, but I’m unsure what would cause this behaviour. There are definitely no breakpoints.

To actually get to a page I can force it by pressing resume multiple times, as the code seems to be running multiple times before a page load. I have been able to “solve” this issue by adding the file to the “Skipped Paths” in the PhpStorm settings, but this seems like something that should be fixed in the software itself.

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Hey @chillbram, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

This is due to a recent improvement to Local so that it can make use of WordPress’ “Site Environment Types.”

You should be able to adjust some settings within PHPStorm.

See this forum topic for more info:

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