Problem Apache PHP 7.35 and 7.4.1

Hi everyone,

Local version : 5.5.3 - Windows 10, fresh installation.

I’ve just spent my all afternoon on this one. When I try to load a website from Local, every sites using Apache and php >= 7.3.5 crash. I almost always got a white screen with this :

"No input file specified. "

from time to time it goes to a 404 or 302 error.

No problem with nginx and any PHP version
No problem with Apache and PHP 5.6.3
No problem with with an older version of Local (5.2.7) wich uses only nginx (that’s how I figured out the problem came from Apache).

For the record : please give me the name of the guy who found funny te re-call all the stuff “Local” instead of “Local by Flywheel”. It’s now such a great pleasure to search all the scories of the soft everywhere in windows to uninstall it… without deleting critical files of windows… :cry:

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