Problem changing the SITE DOMAIN

Hello everyone,
I am a beginner who has been using Local / WP for about a month.
I started with a test site but today I made a mess because I wanted to change the ‘site domain’ and now if I try to log in I get the message: ‘unable to reach the site - DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN’.
Could you help me to solve the problem?
Thank you all in advance - Bye

Hey @PLB – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Have you tried changing the site domain back to what it was originally?

Usually with an error like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN – that means that the computer didn’t know what to do with the domain that you typed in the browser. This can sometimes happen if Local wasn’t able to update the Hosts file.

If changing the domain back doesn’t fix things, can you try installing the latest version of Local and see if that fixes things?

If you still have issues, the latest version of Local, has a “Download Local Log” button on the “Support” tab. Can you upload the file that Local creates after clicking that button?

In addition to that log, can you let us know if this is happening for only one site in particular, or for all sites, even newly created, plain WordPress sites?

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Hey Ben, thank you so much for your tip.
In fact I followed your advice by recovering the previous domain. Initially it didn’t work but then I tried clearing the cache (I’m not sure this would have helped) and I was able to log in again.
Thanks again and good evening

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