Problem when I create a

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hope all is good for you…

I contact the support because I have a problem

in fact, I have installed local by flywheel on my computer ,

no problem
but when I want creat a new local site , I cant ! I receive always this message , please see screen shot!

Capture d’écran 2020-03-11 à 21.44.25|385x500

thank you very much !

(sorry for my english I am french …:sweat_smile:)

It would appear that you have another app using port 80. You will need to find out what it is and kill the process. Local uses port 80/443. Multiple apps trying to use the same port is causing an issue.

thanks for fast reply ! great consellor,

i try to identifiate that…but It is a new macbook…I have not installed nothing…I dont see what can me the app

I will looking for

Try copying this into the terminal.

netstat -an -ptcp | grep LISTEN | grep "\.80\|\.443"

That should show everything listening on port 80 or 443.

thank you very much ! dear,

I try that ASAP

I tell you if ok :slight_smile:

For the record, this is what I have showing with only Local active.

$ netstat -an -ptcp | grep LISTEN | grep "\.80\|\.443"
tcp4 0 0 *.443 . LISTEN
tcp6 0 0 *.80 . LISTEN
tcp4 0 0 *.80 . LISTEN

With Local off there are no results.

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