Problem with cert

I am trying integrate with Algolia. But i think i have a certificate problem. Because here is same problem.

I downloaded latest certificate from and added this line to site/conf/php php.ini.hbs


Restarted local. It shows in php.ini

But not working. Still getting cert error. I am using Windows 10 and Local 5.4.1+3311

have you tried adding it like this?

instead of brackets use [
; A default value for the CURLOPT_CAINFO option. This is required to be an absolute path.
curl.cainfo = “C:\php\cacert.pem”

because this worked for me …

My problem for other people that hit this is that I also was trying to integrate algolia but I was modifying a wrong php.ini file (that wasn’t the one used in local) so I had to go to the local one and edit the file