Problem with MySQL

Hi Clay,

Sorry for the delay. I’d be happy to try connecting via HeidiSQL. But can you give brief instructions on how I would do that? I guess installing it won’t be difficult. But after, how do I connect to the LBF via HeidiSQL? Where is the LBF database stored?


Hi @cagross,

See for details on how to connect to Local’s databases using HeidiSQL.

OK I can give that a shot. But what about fixing Adminer? Shouldn’t that work?

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Hi @clay, any update to this? Is it possible to fix Adminer?

I am having this same issue. It’s happening on all of my Local sites when I do any type of search. I’m running:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
Local v 3.3.0
PHP 7.2.9
MySQL 5.7.23
WP 5.42

Honestly, even when it was working, Adminer was not great, but it was atleast working. Out of curiosity, is there any specific reason you’re shipping Adminer instead of PHPMyAdmin in Local?

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