Restoring from back up - where is sql - different file structure?

Hi - I’m trying to recover an old site that has been hacked.

I have a copy of the files from an old version of local, but the file structure is different to how the files are structured now. There doesn’t seem to be an sql folder

How do I import this older file structure into local or at least how do I find the sql file/s?

Help would be appreciated as this is for an NHS website in the UK


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Hi there @yme!

Can you provide a little more information?

  • How old is the site? What version of Local is it from?

  • Can you share more about the file structure you’re seeing?

Thank you!


Hi Sam - thanks for replying. My guess is that its from around a year ago, but not sure what version of Local I was running. I may have not been running the most up to date at the time

This is the file structure.

@yme With recent versions of Local, there should be a single local.sql file in the app/public/sql directory. What do you have in there? Your screenshot doesn’t have that directory expanded.

Previous versions of Local had one .sql file per table, but that was a few years back.

Thanks @burt - that folder doesn’t exist. Thats the confusing bit. Do you know if in older versions of local was the db stored elsewhere?

@yme My apologies, not app/public/sql, just app/sql. From memory, the earlier versions used the same directory, just with one file per database table.

thanks for checking - there’s no sql folder at that level either. Playing around with some old sites that I haven’t opened for a long while in local, some of them didn’t have app/sql but after I started them and then stopped them again the app/sql folder appeared. So the question is where is the db before the app/sql folder is created?