Retriveing local sites from recyclebin

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I want to retrieve my previous sites from recycle bin. can someone guide me to the recycle bin of local host is located?

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Hi @laxmi

Do you need help locating the Recycle Bin on your machine or getting the sites from your Recycle Bin back into Local?

In order to get the site or sites back into Local, you can either zip the files up and import them or move them over manually. More on these options here:

If you need further help finding your Recycle Bin and getting files out of there you might try searching online using your specific OS/OS version for tutorials.

hello @Nick-B
i restored and tried importing my previous file,but am getting the below error.

Hi @laxmi -

Can you try to rename your file and see if that allows you to import?


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hey @sambrockway
thank you i successfully imported the site by renaming it

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That is great to hear, @laxmi!


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