Lost my site

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Recently, Local Site would not open my site. I made a copy of the folder. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. My site is not seen now. All I have is a full copy of the folder and it will not import because the importer is looking for a .zip and I cannot zip the folder.
How can I get my site back?

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Attach your Local Logs here (Help Doc - Retrieving Local’s Log)

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Hello @rrippon - welcome to the Local community :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues, let’s see if we can get your site back.

What folder did you make a copy of?

You may want to look at this section of the Import/Export help doc: Restore from only Local site files.

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Thank you for getting back to me!
I made a copy of the folder that was inside of the LOCAL on my computer. I tried to import that folder but it wouldn’t import.
I am reading through the instructions that you sent for restoring from only local site files but I have not been able to zip the folder.

Hi Sam,
I was able to zip the folder and it appeared to be importing but right at the end I got an error saying I need to use a compatible Zip file. The site did not import.

Hey @rrippon – that’s odd that the site zip didn’t import correctly.

Can provide the Local Logs so that we can take a closer look? You can get a zip of those logs by clicking the “Download Local Log” button from the “Support” tab of Local. See this help doc for more information:


Hi Ben,
Here are my log files.
logs.zip (12.8 KB)

Hey @rrippon – Thanks for providing those logs!

It looks like those logs are the specific logs for that site. But in order to see what’s going on with Local and some of the issues that it’s running into, we need to have the “Local Log.” Can you take a closer look at the help doc that was linked above and provide that Local log files?

Without seeing the specific error, my guess would be that the zip isn’t containing the correct things that it needs.

I’d double check that:

  • You aren’t zipping up an existing zip. You might need to extract things to your desktop until you get to the actual folder and files of the site.
  • Make sure that the folder for the site contains at least the wp-content folder along with the database dump as a .sql file