Roots, Trellis, Vagrant Conflict

Leaving this bug report here instead of GitHub. Hope that’s OK.

tldr; I’m reporting a conflict with Local 2.1.2 and the full Roots stack: Trellis, Bedrock, Sage. Vagrant setup is actually the point of failure in all of this, but Local’s setting in /etc/exports actually causes Vagrant’s failure. macOS 10.13.1

I recently cleared out pretty much every local dev tool/library/package I could find (except Node, NPM and Homebrew), reset my paths (and created proper chained path files in paths.d), brew uninstalled everything followed by confirmed brew doctor status.

I then installed Local 2.1.2 and chose the typical ~/Sites directory, set some defaults, created a standard Local WP site, confirmed it worked, stopped the site, quit Local, confirmed VBoxHeadless and related processes were stopped.

Next, I followed this brief, 3-step setup process and this is where I encountered the issue.

On step 3 of the Roots setup process, when executing vagrant up inside the ~/Sites/site.local/trellis directory, Vagrant writes an entry to /etc/exports, does so successfully, but is then unable to fully provision the host because Local wants to map all directories from the point of the home directory thus preventing future mapping within the home directory.

Local’s entry: /Users -alldirs -mapall=501:20
Vagrant’s entries: "/Users/username/Sites/site.local/site" -alldirs -mapall=501:20 and "/Users/username/Sites/site.local/trellis" -alldirs -mapall=501:20

Edit 1: Commenting out Local’s entry and opening a new shell corrected the problem, allowing Vagrant to successfully provision the host.
Edit 2: This isn’t a support request. All’s well in WebDev Land.
Edit 3: Simplest suggested fix I can think of would be to ask for write permissions to /etc/exports when a user changes their default working directory in Local’s settings, then update the path accordingly.