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Run Local using Docker and support WSL2

Currently Local is snail-like slow on my Windows machine. Anything other than a clean WP install is super-slow. If I import a live site locally it takes 30-60 seconds to load a single page. This is un-workable with. So you can’t really do any dev work like this.

Lately, I’ve experimented with Docker images to run my own server locally. And it works insanely fast. There are a lot of Docker images out there. You can just import from an existing one and add your own components to it as you want.

I am requesting this because I love the GUI, the “hosts” integration and the whole simplicity and extensibility of Local but it simply lacks the speed.

Also, the latest Docker integration with WSL 2 makes it even more appealing. Running everything from inside WSL makes the local dev experience mind-blowingly fast.