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Hi, Local team!

I’m a developer who does regular maintenance on many websites. So my list of sites in Local is extensive. I love the option to group sites, I use it a lot. But when you need to find a site, it can be a bit tedious if you have generic groups or groups that cover many different projects.

I think it might be a good option to put a reactive search field that hides groups and sites if it doesn’t find results. I think there’s space right next to the “sort by recently started” button and open the search field over “Local sites”.

I’m talking about the fact that right now I have over 60 repositories and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any smaller. It could be a minor feature, but it could improve the developer experience.

Thanks for all.

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@adammartin and @josejarn

Hello! It looks like we have a feature request for this in place. I checked with our Product team and can confirm this is in the works. I’ll merge your feature request for now so we can keep everything in one place. Feel free to upvote, comment, share and we’ll update that thread when we have something ready!