Ability to Search and Filter Sites List

Thank you for this change. Please do consider adding the search functionality. Some of us have 100+ sites on our list, and jumping between them several times a day. Tracking them down in the list can be time consuming / frustrating.


+1 for quick search features! A system like VSCode with CMD + P to quickly find a project would be awesome!

Thank you for your feedback! Something we have definitely talked about and have heard requests for. I can totally see how this would help you find sites quickly. Can’t promise a time frame, but we have it on the backlog.

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Hey @alvin and @lblangenois – That’s a great idea! I’ve spun it out into it’s own Feature Request to vote on and prioritize!


Hi, Local team!

I’m a developer who does regular maintenance on many websites. So my list of sites in Local is extensive. I love the option to group sites, I use it a lot. But when you need to find a site, it can be a bit tedious if you have generic groups or groups that cover many different projects.

I think it might be a good option to put a reactive search field that hides groups and sites if it doesn’t find results. I think there’s space right next to the “sort by recently started” button and open the search field over “Local sites”.

I’m talking about the fact that right now I have over 60 repositories and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any smaller. It could be a minor feature, but it could improve the developer experience.

Thanks for all.

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Hello Adam!

I think it’s a great idea, that functionality is really missed.

Add a seach function to search for a spesific site in local, so that you can find your site and start it up faster. It takes time to scroll over 100 sites.

Please consider adding a search bar to filter sites, as I have a lot of installations it sometimes takes a long time to find my forgotten projects

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This is indeed very much required. I also have a huge list of sites. It becomes very difficult to search for them.

Hello all, :wave:

Thank you for this feature request. I’ll be sure to bring it up with the Local engineering time next time we sync at the beginning of the new year.

We appreciate you!


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We have more than 600 websites hosted on the WP Engine. When I try to find a website, sometimes I spent more than a half-hour to find it.

Is it so hard to implement a search feature?

Would be very helpful if there was a quick search option to locate a website from the website list. I have quit a lot of websites set on my local app, and finding the website I want to start is a bit annoying.

Howdy y’all! I just wanted to share an update as we’ve had some continued interest in this topic. I discussed this with our product designer @tysonreeder and confirmed a search feature is being designed. Thank you for all of your patience and feedback!


If some one is still waiting for that feature, here is the addon: