Sequel Pro vs. Adminer

Hello - can anyone help me out? I don’t understand why I need to apparently use Adminer to import tables into MySQL for Local. When I do it through Sequel Pro, everything looks ok but the content doesn’t populate on my site pages. This, by the way, is a non-WordPress site with a drop-in CMS. Again, everything works great if I use Adminer but Sequel Pro doesn’t seem to be working. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jason,

That’s an interesting one! Are you getting any errors in Sequel Pro?

Hi Clay,

Nope, figured it out. I’m a dope. I was under the impression that each site you spin up with Local shared a single MySQL instance and I didn’t notice that each site has a different remote port assigned in the db settings. Now it’s all clear to me and things are working as they should. In fact, Local is more awesome than I thought because it looked to me that all sites shared the same schema which just got larger and larger. Which proves how little I understood!

Thanks again!