Can't to local database with Sequel Pro

I’m digging Local. I wanted to make a change in the database to 1000+ posts. I was able to log in to the database with the Adminer plugin, but when I try to do the same thing using Sequel Pro, I get Access Denied!

Looking at the Adminer page (and wp-config.php) the login settings should be:

Server localhost
Database local
User root
Password root

I got my data updated with Adminer, but I don’t understand why I can’t log in with Sequel Pro using the same credentials. What am I missing?

localhost won’t work in Sequel Pro since it has to connect to the private IP of the container.

The IP and login info for Sequel Pro is in the Database tab in Local :slight_smile:

Thanks, Clay! I missed that bit in the Database tab.

Glad to hear it!

Also, for the record localhost is still what’s used by WordPress and anything running in the site container. The IP is only required if connecting from outside of the container.