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Session_start() php warning in Apache for windows configuration in php.ini

I have a php warning for a Windows 10 installation with Apache. It seems session_start gives a warning because Apache tries to set sessions in directory C:/Windows. I wanted to use C:/Windows/Temp .
Same code works correctly in Windows with Nginx server.

I have tried two solutions
a) php.ini set session.save_path= “C:/Windows/Temp”
b) using in php file :

if ( session_save_path() == '' && (stripos( $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'],'apache')  > 0 ) && ( stripos( $_SERVER['WINDIR'],'windows')  > 0) )
                ini_set('session.save_path',  $_SERVER['WINDIR'].'\Temp');
} session_start(); 

a) it does not work for me. I think php.ini should set session.save_path correctly if using Apache on Windows.
b) it works for me.

Please, can it be corrected in future installations?