How to set session.save_path in PHP.INI? ((Resolved))

UPDATE: Solution is to restart the site in Local. Then the new settings take effect.

I have a WordPress plugin that’s giving me an error or warning upon attempting to install:

“In your php setting (php.ini), session.save_path is currently set to “no value”. This can cause session related issues. Please talk to your webhost to have it set to a valid folder like /tmp.”

I have LOCAL v2.0.7 installed on Windows 10 Pro. I’ve located a PHP.INI file for my website located in:

I’ve added the following line:

session.save_path = “/app/tmp”

And created the /tmp folder under /app.

I’m still getting the same error message as first shown above.
In need to define session.save_path in my php.ini file.
How can I fix this issue?


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