Set up Error - Unable to provision site

Hello Community

Unfortunately, I get an error message when setting up a new page (please see the screenshot). I am running the latest version of Local on Fedora 40, although the problem has also occurred on Fedora 39. I am overwhelmed with the solution to the problem, so I turn to you. There was nothing in previous posts that would have helped me, but maybe I missed something. I am grateful for any help.


System Details: Local Version 9.0.2+6676
Operating System: Linux Fedora 40

Hi @donkong07

There are some details in this thread that should help you out:

Hello Nick-B, thank you very much for your answer. The error I’m experiencing must have another cause. I checked it, and the latest stable version of ncurses-compat-libs is installed already.

Hi @donkong07

Can you share your full local log here if you’re still having issues? That way we can see if anything in there stands out.

Retrieving Local’s Log File

Hello Nick-B, thank you for your answer. Here is my local log. (16.6 KB)