Set xdebug.mode to develop by default


I think xdebug.mode previously was set to ‘develop’. Now it’s set to ‘debug’ by default, which doesn’t wrap the output in pre-tags.

With the develop-setting this made output from PHP functions like var_dump() way more readable for developers. Longer, but way more readable.

I am able to change the setting in the php.ini.hbs file, but it would be way nicer to be able to modify this setting by default for every new website created in Local. Be it with an addon or a setting in Local.

xdebug.mode = debug:

xdebug.mode = develop:

var_export( $var, true );

Hi @afragen,

When I use echo var_export($var, true); (Without xdebug.mode=develop of course) the results only look mildly better. The output isn’t wrapped in pre-tags either.

Hi there @ProxxiM - thanks for the suggestion!!

There is a very similar thread over in the Bug category - xDebug + Local v6.4.3 + macOS not running - where we created a ticket in our backlog for patching this up.

We’ll be tackling this in an upcoming sprint very soon, so expect to see this fixed shortly!

Sounds good, @austinwendt! :+1:
I didn’t stumble upon the mentioned topic with the search functionality, I’ve subscribed to it so I’ll keep my eye on any updates from now on.

Hi @ProxxiM and all,

This has been completed as part of our latest Local release, v6.5.2!

Xdebug mode will be debug,develop by default going forward. If for some reason you’re not seeing the correct value in your php.ini file, try changing the PHP version to a different value on the site overview page and then change it back again (i.e., change it to PHP 8.1.9, then immediately change it back). This will force Local to grab the updated config file if it didn’t automatically.

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