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Hey guys, would it be possible/feasible to enable a choice of browser(default) for LOCAL to open sites in. I use the default browser on Mac(Safari) for general web browsing etc, but prefer to do dev work in Chrome or Firefox. With DesktopServer you can edit a .json preferences file to set a default browser for the app.

Cheers, Paul.

Hi Paul,

We’ll look into this.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi Paul,

I have the same requirement. I use Chrome on my MacBook for all general browsing. However, I would like to use FireFox as my dev. browser. I can’t find any setting in Preferences that would allow this. Did you ever manage to address this?

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Hi James, I didn’t manage to address it, neither did I hear from Flywheel regarding a solution. I went back to using Desktop Server as I’m more comfortable in a XAMMP type environment.

Desktop Server v3.9 Beta is out now which addresses all of the issues that pushed me to try Flywheel in the first place.



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There still isn’t an option at this time but I’ll make sure this is in an update sooner than later.


If there are any other things you’d like to see in Local outside of this option, please let us know!

I feel the need to bump this thread and chime in, because i’m also in the exact same boat. Safari is my browser for private things (and as such has no saved work logins, work extensions, lastpass for work etc etc). It is the default browser, and i’d like to keep it that way.

I use firefox for work, so to have local open up links in safari is a little unhelpful. There already is a section for the default terminal in the preferences, why not expand on that and also let people choose a default browser?

Being a fellow developer, i fully undertand the need to be restrictive about implementing random stuff that people wish for tho. But i will still cast my vote! :slight_smile:


I also would like to use my default browser with windows PC. I tried using IE, Edge, Firefox, and neither work. It only works with Chrome, I don’t like to use as default.

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Sorry about this!

So, just to be clear you can’t see the Local sites at all in IE, Edge, or Firefox?

Yes. Flywheel by Local is INCOMPATIBLE with IE Edge.
I also keep Edge as default so when random software decides to open a link, it’ll open in Edge, keeping itselg segregated from my actual dev work in Firefox.

If Flywheel Local actually worked in Edge, I could live with FlywheelLocal forcing its links to also open in Edge. But since nothing from Flywheel Local works in Edge, it’s quite a pain. Hovering over a button in Flywheel Local won’t even show the link for me to copy and paste manually into my Dev browser. Hence, must click the link. Wait for it to try opening in Edge. Then copy the link from Edge address bar. Finally, I can manually open the link in my Dev browser.

It’s ridiculous that Flywheel requires one to change the computer OS default browser in order for Flywheel Local to work properly.

All web/dev software, that I know of, that uses browsers, allows the user to choose the default browser for the app to use. Even 20 years ago. It’s fairly basic.

Hi everyone ! Any update on this subject? Is it possible to choose which navigator we want Flywheel to open our website ? Cause it choses Edge by default and I can’t even drag and drop a widget in there :roll_eyes:
Thanks in advance for your help!

Yseult from Belgium :blush:

Update? Bump? This would be super useful. Thanks all, for a great product so far.

I have been trying Local recently and it seems fantastic, I also wish I could select which browser it should use by default. Thanks for the excellent job.

Hey @rodolforizzo76 – This is something that the Local team is wanting to take on and should be released soon. Feel free to follow along with the feature request here: