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Allow more "Default Apps" choice, including Brave browser, for example


With the rise of privacy-led browsers, it is painful when using Local to open websites and have it open in the wrong browser.

Despite having Brave as my default system browser, and my Local settings set to “System Default” as my browser, it still opens Chrome. There are of course more browsers out there.

Similarly, I use the official Microsoft Windows Terminal and yet in my “Terminal” settings I can only choose “Command Prompt (Cmd)” or “Git Bash”. Please add more choices here too.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Same here. I develop with Firefox Developer Edition or Safari Technology Preview. Would be great to have more choice in preferences.

Thanks for bringing this up @elliottmangham – That’s interesting that the System Default for the browser isn’t opening Brave. It sounds like maybe that’s a bug. What version of Windows are you using?

Indeed as I have Firefox Developer Edition as the default but Local open the non-dev version of Firefox.