Sharing Local sites with clients and my local network

I’m currently using MAMP in combination with DynDNS and a host name to develop locally. Each site basically runs off a subdomain such as, and so on. This not only lets me see my sites anywhere on my local network, it also lets me share sites in progress with my clients remotely.

While this workflow has served me well, using MAMP is not without its problems. It’s awfully slow, buggy, and prone to failure. So I like the idea of using Local a heck of a lot more. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to recreate my workflow.

By default, Local seems to be limited to “Live Links” for sharing which bring their own problems (not the least of which are temporary urls). But I do see that I can use my custom domain in place of the default .local address. And these entries are even written into my hosts file (albeit with the wrong IP address).

So the question is, is there any way to make this work? Or am I pretty much stuck with MAMP?