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Simple stylesheet for Local


I’m looking for a way to load in a simple stylesheet into the Local app, to make some tweaks here and there for my own personal needs. Just CSS, and nothing else is needed. I’ve thought of 2 possible ways I can achieve this:

  1. Using Local’s Developer mode, I could add a stylesheet as an ‘Override’ file from my local machine, using ‘Sources → Overrides’.
  2. I could create a simple add-on, that simple loads in a custom stylesheet.

Option 1 sounds easier, however, when I select a folder under ‘Sources → Overrides’, nothing happens. In chrome, I’m prompted to allow permission for this, before being able to select a folder in the Overrides section. Is there a way to achieve this?

Option 2 would involve me getting involved with a bunch of areas I’m not familiar with, however, I have been looking at the Notes add-on, and I see that this add-on does register a stylesheet. If option 1 is not possible, would it be fairly simple to create an add-on, that simply loads in a custom stylesheet and does nothing else?


Update - I managed to get option 1 working (the CSS overrides), however, it does not work as expected as I need to open dev tools to make the CSS changes apply. So, I think option 2 (a simple add-on that loads in a custom stylesheet) is my only option here.

Given that all I need this add-on to do is add a tag to the app, pointing to a normal CSS stylesheet within it’s own directory, would I need to go through the process of running the add-on generator GitHub - getflywheel/create-local-addon: A generator to assist in the development of new Local add-ons. Generates a basic add-on to act as a starting point for development., or would that be overkill?

I’m trying to find documentation on how to create a very simple add-on, but all I’m finding is information on creating more complex builds using the generator, that pull in various dependencies which then need to be built with npm, which I don’t THINK is necessary for this, given it’s simplicity. If anyone can point me in the right direction here, that would be greatly appreciated.