Instant reload for not only CSS

Hi, love Local and instant reload.
i wonder if its posssible to create an add-on to make instant reload for css, php, html, js and whatever is needed.
because if its not possible, i shouldnt enter the rabbit hole of developing an add-on for local.

and another question, where can i find more add-ons for Local?
or there are only the 9 add-ons in the local app?

Hi @yochai! The add-ons that you see available are the only ones so far. For more information about building an add-on for Local check out this page here!

Hey Nick, thanks for the quick reply!
i wonder if there are some developers that developed some add-ons and just didnt published them.
anyway, i will try to make my add-on for my needs.
I saw some interest in some browsersync connection to local, and being abke to instant reload also php, js, html etc…
thanks again :grinning:

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