Site export from All-in-One WP Migration plugin hangs during import on remote server

Hi, this problem happens to me after exporting the file “localhost-20200813-110651-jwvv01.wpress” from the local site and after when I go to the online site to import it the process crashes at 60% and I have to block the import , because what can I do? Thank you

Hey @capitano, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

The .wpress file extension is for the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Since the error is happening on the remote site, that likely means there’s an issue with either the plugin or a setting on the server.

There’s not much we can do from Local’s point of view, so I’d recommend reaching out to the plugin developers or another dev to take a closer look at any errors that are coming form the server.

Many thanks, I will contact the creator of the plugin, happy summer :slight_smile:

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