Site opens in http only

Bug Summary

The WP-admin and the Open Site button opens the site in question only via http not https, even though a SSL is set and the cert is trusted in OS X. You CAN change the protocol manually. Once changing the home and siteurl options in the db manually. I can use the WP-admin to force the site via https but not the Open Site button/link.

This is both for existing and NEW sites. Apache and NginX do not seem to make a difference.

Why is this important?
To ensure that remote loaded assets do not violate CORS…

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Hi @sebastian

Does clearing your cache and cookies have any change? Viewing incognito?

What about if you use a different browser type other than you default? Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc

What about if you change your network or use a VPN?

Thanks for the follow up. No, using a different browser does not change the behaviour. I can’t view in incognito since the browsers open up based on the the direct link click to ‘WP Admin’ or ‘Open Site’ but I can afterwards change the url to https and it will stick. The sites DB entries for sitename and URL are with https://

Your last question puzzles me a bit and I don’t follow. How would using a VPN or network change affect the site on LOCAL? I never leave the machine… But maybe I don’t fully understand the question. Please explain and I’ll see that I can answer it in more detail. As for now I don’t have a VPN enabled.

Hi @sebastian

Apologies I was probably confusing some different support questions.

Is this happening for you regardless of what Local version you’re on?

Can you clarify your specific Local version currently and what your OS version is?

I’m not able to replicate this currently on my M3 using Sonoma, but we do see similar issues from time to time but root causes can vary.

Hi Nick, thanks.
System info first:
M1 MB Pro Sonoma
Local Version 8.3.2+6660

I only noticed this since the last update to 8.3.x. I am aware of the certificates in OS X and in the past setting the trust level manually etc isn’t a problem. Even when the siteurl and the home fields are set to use https Local will force it to http, which then tickles console with a bunch of CORS messages. Yes, I can manually change it and that will work just fine, but I have to do it first. I don’t recall that being a problem/issue in the previous version.

What root causes (besides the two listed - I am reading those) could affect this? This isn’t as big of a deal as a server not running or restarting (nor as annoying as Mailpit not installing for one of my sites), i just annoying. LOL. You know the extra step you keep forgetting to take…

For some further testing does the problem persist after an uninstall/reinstall? Or if you downgrade your Local version back to a previous version where it worked normally?

So, I downgraded my Local to 8.2.x on Mac ARM and while that presented it own problems, this particular issue is still present. I have not yet uninstalled it completely.

Now in the good ole ‘user error’ category I double checked that I have both the home and site URL set as https and I do. Short of uninstalling all sites and Local Im not sure where I should be looking.

Hi @sebastian

Thank you for your patience here! I checked with our Dev team and it turns out this is actually a known bug that we have logged in already. So that’s the good news. Obviously, that isn’t an immediate solution but I wanted to let you know they are aware of this and have it in their roadmap for review. We’ll keep you posted once we have a patch for that out but at this time we don’t have a firm ETA to provide.

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