Slow Live Update with X-Theme


I’ve recently switched from Desktop Server to Flywheel and I think it’s a vast improvement - but I have one main issue. When using it with X-Theme, the live update is painfully slow. Just editing a tiny section of text can take minutes to update in the live window. Is there a configuration I can change somewhere that might improve this, or anything else I should check?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Hi @razorpig,

Is this on macOS or Windows?

Also, are you using the “Preferred” environment or the “Custom” environment?

Hi Clay,

I’m using Windows 10 and a custom configuration (see attachment). I went for the prefererd environment initially but immediately got some errors when trying to migrate my site using the Duplicator plugin - so I switched to Apache and everything worked fine. I can’t be certain, but from memory I think they were 503 errors???

Many thanks for your quick response. Really appreciate it.

Thanks for the details!

We’re aware of some speed issues on Windows and have a general game plan but it will be a few updates before it’s available.

In the meantime, please try Speed Issues on Local Machine

Thanks Clay. That did speed thingup a bit but it’s still very slow. I eagerly look forward to the updates. Any news on a timeframe for this?

Hi @razorpig,

2.0.7 is now in a pre-release state if you’d like to test it :slight_smile: