Flywheel performance in processing is slow

Hi, I started using Flywheel for my Freelancer projects and found a few issues with the speed.

Whether it’s creating a new local site or starting the site for developing all these steps are pretty slow. Moreover, when I tried duplicating the main blueprint which I use for all websites, it took ages which end up restarting flywheel as it’s stuck at duplicating container.

If someone can help me out, it would be much appreciated. I like everything about Flywheel!


Hey there! Local Lightning might help fix some of these bugs. If you’re interested in joining the beta, DM your email and we’ll get you enrolled in the program.

@LocalbyFlywheel on Twitter

@flyjack I already DM but didn’t receive any email yet.

Hey @amaryder! We’re working through a huge list of beta requests. Should have you in the program next week!

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What is Local Lighting?

Local’s v5 is nicknamed “Lightning” for its speed!
We’ve been working this year to rebuild everything under the hood of Local. It’s way faster and runs all services natively without VirtualBox. Try v5 today!