SQL location changed

Hello everyone.
I’m using Local quiet long and never got that problem. Earlier I’ve installed a new WordPress site the SQL database was located at Users/Local Sites/websitename/app
Now I cant find database anywhere there.
Did anything change?
I hope you can drop here the location path as the answer for future searchers.

Hey @acresconsultancyltd, Welcome to the Community Forums!

The sql folder that shows up in the site folder isn’t the actual live database. That folder and the SQL files that are contained in it are only exported when the site is stopped.

So if you stop the site in Local, then the database that is in the Virtual Machine will be exported to those files. The reason that the database isn’t always present in that sql folder has to do with performance.

Because of this, we often recommend stopping sites that you aren’t actively working on so that the DB is exported and saved to files that can be used to restore the site later on if anything happens to the active site.

Hope that helps clarify things. Let me know if you have any other questions!