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Hey guys,

Quick question?

Okay so i moved my files from local to my live site and the sql, then updated the wp-config file to push to the sql database but the new version of the site does not show, so then I saw that in the folder of the local site there is my sql and another sql called local.sql so i tried with that file, when it was configure the site then showed the dev local site and not the live site when visitng the domain in the browser

so for example the domain is oilandmore.co.za and when I vist that url to redirects to http://devoilandmore.local/ how can I get the live site to show the new version of the site that was created in local?

I hope this makes sense.

thanks guys

Hi @PierreGoldman - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

To be clear about your question - you are asking how to make your Local site changes pushed out to the live website?


Yes that is correct thanks

Hey Sam , my bad yesteday, Thanks for the welcome.

Yes I have a live site and I exported it to local, now that I am trying to export it to the live site, I copy over the files from the local C:\Users\User\Local Sites\devoilandmore and I created a new SQL and dropped the sql files that I found in C:\Users\User\Local Sites\devoilandmore\app\sql and choose my file but there is another sql there which is created from local I suppose(local.sql . if I use this file the site redirects to the dev site

Note I didnt use just the wp-content file and sql only as per the tutorial on how to export zipped wp-content and sql files.

So I am guessing I would use these tiles that are zipped. for the sql to change?

Thanks best regards

Pierre Goldman to @sammunoz