Stop working on mac?

My local instal is down… i tried reboot and everything… but the mysql seems down…

Any leads?

Hi David,

Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please try right-clicking on the site in Local then going to “Open Site SSH”

Once that opens Terminal you can enter

service mysql restart

After doing that, please provide any output that’s shown.

Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld.
[…] /etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: The partition with /var/lib/mysql is too full! [FA failed!

It is the same for all my site and i can’t install new site…
Was working fine 2h ago…

I have no idea what i did to mess it up

I i open sequel pro

Impossible de se connecter à l’hôte, ou la requête a expirée.

Vérifiez que l’adresse est correcte et que vous possédez les privilèges adéquats, ou essayez d’augmenter la durée d’expiration de la connexion (actuellement de 30 secondes).

MySQL a retourné : Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (61)

Please see this thread: Unable to connect to database on any site previously working working without issue

We’re working on a permanent solution for this.

Also, just to get more information on this, how many sites do you have in Local and do you know roughly how large they are? Are there e-commerce sites with a lot of database entries, etc?


I made a clean instal (uninstal everything) i lost all my sites but now it works.

Is there a way to add an old site to the fresh instal?

I had 33 sites… a couple of them are ecommerce but not large
Some of them have a lot of datas…

Oof! Makes sense. We’ll be addressing this.

First, verify that there is an sql directory in the app folder for the sites you want to re-import. If it doesn’t exist this won’t work for that specific site. You’ll need to pull the SQL in from either a staging server, live server, backup, etc.

After you verify that the sql directory is present (and has .sql files in it), add a JSON file named local-site.json into the site folder (by app, conf, and logs) containing the following:

   "path":"~/Local Sites/OLD-SITE-PATH",
   "name":"OLD NAME",

If you plan on using a different domain for the sites you need to update the domain in the JSON above so it’s replaced properly in the database.

Once the JSON is set, you need to zip up the site. You can do this by selecting app, conf, local-site.json, and logs. Then go to “Compress 4 items”

Finally, simply drag and drop onto the main Local window or the Dock icon to start the import.

Thanks, there was a sql folder in the app folder but empty…
Anyway, all the site except one were also online so i haven’t lost much.

So do you recommend not having to many instal on local?

I would cut down on the number of sites with large databases if possible. You can always export them, delete them and import them later as a way to “archive” the sites.

So sorry for the trouble!

I have the same issue. I only had two sites in development using Local on my Mac.

On the first site I tried to edit, I was able to get into WP Admin but all of the content was gone. The theme and plugins were there, but all pages, posts, media files, etc were gone.

After using “service mysql restart” as state above, nothing happened. I then manually cloned the site as above and again nothing.

On the second site, I received 502 errors when trying to view the site. After “service mysql restart” the site was viewable, but all content and the theme is gone.

I’m getting very concerned about being able to trust Local.

Very sorry for the trouble @RyantheGray

Did you ever resolve this issue with that site? If not, is there any way you can provide an export of the site?

@clay, thanks for responding. I did not get it to work. How should I submit the export?

Hi @RyantheGray,

Sorry for the delay!

You can e-mail a Dropbox (or other cloud provider) link to