Stoping site should remove from /etc/hosts

Often I like to mask a domain vs. using a .dev domain. For example, I want to setup on my local, I will make the domain for that site in local, but when I stop that site, I can’t access the live without manually editing my /etc/hosts file and commenting it out. When I stop a site, maybe the domain in /etc/hosts can be commented out or removed?

I think this should be optional, since it requires your password each time, that’d mean turning off sites individually requires the password even more often.


I completely agree with this one, but as sc0ttkclark says it should be optional.


I completely agree with this, and am somewhat surprised that this is not already implemented. Other tools which I have used in the past (eg, MAMP Pro) do this automatically.

Agree also that it should be a site preference .


I completely agree with this, too. Hope to use this option soon.
I can’t access to my clients’ live site immediately if my clients call to me to get support when I coding with another site on Local.

Any new info or ETA’s on this?

This is a really basic request, and I completely agree with this. It can’t be too difficult!

But there is a workaround. Change the Site Domain before shutting it down, or temporarily to get another job done on the live site.

I anticipated this would be a problem, and my first attempt at mitigating it was to set up a nested Mac guest VM in Parallels, so could develop solely in a separate machine. But Local wouldn’t even run in the guest OS.

However this is do-able in Windows if nested virtualisation is switched on in Parallels. It’s just that a Windows VM is more hassle to set up than Mac because of licensing. So I currently do it in my real Mac and switch Site Domain to www. when I want to go in.