Stuck at provisioning WP-CLI

Hi ,

i want to import an archive from another LOCAL install that i exported.
when i try to import it it is stuck at provisioning WP-CLI

any ideas?

Hey Dieter,

Sorry for the trouble! Can you provide the log for Local by going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log?

Feel free to e-mail it to

Hey Clay ,

It worked after i rebooted and changed the internet connection.
i’ll e-mail the logs tomorrow so you can check it out.


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Hi @clay, I have the same issue - import stuck at provisioning WP-CLI. I’ll email you the log

Same issue here. When re-importing the backup of a site (to change the working folder) the provisioning stalls at provisioning WP-CLI. The log shows the same line over and over:

Mar 23, 2017, 4:35 PM GMT+2 - info: [main/changeSiteDomain] Querying MySQL
Mar 23, 2017, 4:35 PM GMT+2 - info: [main/changeSiteDomain] MySQL stderr:  Error response from daemon: Container 2c91744dXXXXXXX9091bd88297d9XXXXXXXX547691b5331715d3678c4621721 is not running

Hi @igorb,

Can you please provide the entire log?

local-by-flywheel-sanitized.log (1.3 MB)

I’m having the same problem. Just got a new Mac and installed Local.

It’s stuck at Provisioning WP-CLI for imports from my old Local install and for Blueprints.

This is also where Local is stuck for me.

Local-log.log (34.4 KB)

Grep seems to be using alot of CPU cycles all the sudden.

Hi ,

I got the same problem.
You can fix this if you import your old local install zip file let it import and when it is stuck at wp-cli
just close local and open it again let it load and when you then click visit site it should work.

I did this with a couple imports and always worked.

I just let it keep running the import till it worked. Now I get connection refused from my browser. I tried switching to Apache and no change. Then I tried to use the apachectl tool to verify it was running and got some errors.

Same problem here…

Creating a new site from a blueprint or an archive. Then when starting the new site, the process is stuck at provisioning WP-CLI.

Then, weird things happen:

  • Local stuck during opening so i quit Local
  • Second opening of Local OK, the new site is already started.
  • When i open the admin, i got a “Local Router Error” : it use the domain of the site from which the archive (in that case) was made instead of the domain of the new site…

i consider archiving all my Local sites, uninstall Local and trash all preferences and other dependencies and reinstalling it. Do you have another solution to fix that?

Local is great… when it works. And for now, it is not working at all.
It seems i’m not the only one with the problem and i don’t see in the forum a clear explanation of it nor a solution.

I archived all my sites and unistalled/reinstalled Local.
When creating new sites based on the archives, i had no trouble at all… except for one archive which gave me the same problems as before.
I then realised that all my previous tests and problems were with that single site/archive. I didn’t test the other sites.
So it seems my problems were related with only one site.
I can’t understand when it all went wrong with that site but the only difference i see with the other archives is that when importing the archive, the old site name/domain/path were not the same as the name of the zip (it should have been and it was with the other archives).

So, back to recreating that site…

I just switched over to MAMP and was able to get my site running.