Stuck on 'Adding Wordpress'

Issue Summary

Hi there. I have downloaded the latest version of Local to my Windows 11 machine and I cannot get past a screen that says ‘Adding Wordpress’ when I try and create a new site. I have tried restarting my machine, uninstalling and reinstalling, unticking the ‘readonly’ attribute on my etc/hosts file but no luck yet. I haven’t been able to create any new sites, even with the new, plain Wordpress site with the default recommended set up.
The logs seem to say ‘Unexpected end of data’ but does not give much advice.

The local logs:
local-lightning.log (49.9 KB)

Hi @madz-lw

Do you know if your disk is full or how much space it has left available? I think that could be one item worth checking that could be related to the errors in the log.

Hi @Nick-B

My C: drive has 260GB free of 459GB and my Installed Ram is 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable).

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