Stuck on Downloading Environment

I’ve seen it posted before but couldn’t figure out the fix. I had to reinstall local because all of a sudden my site id’s were missing . Nonetheless, now i reinstalled it and VB and whether importing or creating new, it hangs up at downloading environment. I’ve restarted VB to no avail.

Hey Clint - just following up here now so that other folks might see the resolution we found in the ticket.

The issue we saw in the logs was that there was a permissions issue in the VirtualBox container. Making sure that VirtualBox is up to date and then removing the Local Machine there (while Local is closed), triggers Local to rebuild the Local Machine when it opens the next time. This takes a bit and then requires each site to be “Restored” in Local afterward from the site folders on the computer.

Uninstalling Local/Virtual Box should do this as well but manually resetting Local Machine recreates what was broken there!