Stuck on Provisioning (Installing WordPress)

On a Mac, running now the latest pre-release (2.3.1). Adding a site gets stuck on ‘Installing WordPress.’ WordPress is mostly installed in the directory - wp-config.php is not created and the wp-content folder only includes plugins and themes.

The database doesn’t get created either.

I’ve updated VirtualBox; Running the latest version of macOS.

Any help would be great. I’ve been using Local for over a year now, hoping I don’t need to return to MAMP.

~ Bryan

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for the hiccup!

Can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? Feel free to private message it to me.

Also, is this happening when importing sites or when creating brand new sites in Local?

Quick update, after reviewing Bryan’s log file, the local-by-flywheel VM’s disk was at capacity. The telling line in the log file was May 22, 2018, 5:07 PM MDT - info: [worker: mysql-worker] /etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: The partition with /var/lib/mysql is too full! ...

The VM disk max in older versions (early 2017) of Local was 20GB. Recent versions of Local have a default VM disk size max of 120GB.

If you’re running into this problem, following either of the options below will bump the VM disk size from 20GB to 120GB. Bryan was able to resolve this issue by following Option B below:

Option A:

See Unable to connect to database on any site previously working working without issue

Option B:

  1. Export all of your Local sites by starting them in Local and then right-clicking on them and going to “Export”
  2. Verify that there is an exported archive for all of the sites
  3. Quit Local
  4. Open VirtualBox
  5. Right-click on local-by-flywheel
  6. Go to Close » Power Off
  7. Right-click again and go to Remove and then delete all files
  8. Re-open Local and go through the installation process
  9. Click into the sites in Local and click on the “Restore” button when prompted
  10. Test adding a new site