Sudden DataBase Error mySQL


I was working on a website when all of a sudden the local went white. I get this " Error establishing a database connection" and the log file from you points the error towards mySQL. I have no clue what is going on here and how to fix.

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Hans Petter, Norway

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Same here! just saved a wordpress site and now it is error with mySQL and i cant log in. i see many people have had the same issue, but little respons, just some answers and links to how to import a wordpress site into local.

I did not have a backup, my fault. But my pc did not crash, Just saved a simple design change in elementor, Cant log in to database (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" All my other sites works fine. But my CPU goes up to 80% and down to 30% with mysqld .exe in local (local lightning) and my cpu is a rysen 2700x 4,35ghz so that is heavy

This guy also had a problem with CPU usage

Did you figure it out? i am not so techy with databases, more like a monkey see monkey doo on that field, so i woul appreciate if someone could guide me to fix my database