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Sync LocalWP with Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean

Sync LocalWP with Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean

Hey @samjco – I’d love to hear more about what you envision with this feature!

Do you mean something along the lines of being able to use Local’s Connect feature, but with those self-hosted solutions?

Why yes, that would be awesome!!

Maybe some kind of WP plugin to connect, or even a linux service or module… i would be ok with this being a paid functionality :slight_smile:


yes agreed I’d like to see Linode be added to connections.

Much needed. Till then this remains an unused app in my mac. Honestly, I’ve tried WPEngine and it is so overpriced. This is really required. Till that time, Local remains a defunct app on my Mac.

Hi @rRipul!

While Local Connect only works directly with WP Engine and Flywheel, the Local App is free for all users across the entire WordPress community and sites from any WordPress host can be imported as long as they have the necessary files. As far as getting WordPress sites back out of Local to other hosts there are various other options. You can simply export a copy of the site if you want to share it with a host for migration, or if you search the community there are workflows for various migration plugins. We recommend WP Migrate!